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...was awesome. Lots of fine graffiti artists from all around Europe, dope music, and a very creative atmosphere. Really it was an awesome experience. I was checking the pics we took while we were there and decided to upload my graffiti here. I hope anyone who stumbles upon them finds them at least amusing.

I am thinking of uploading my summer sketchbook too, at least what is worth uploading.

Lately i was able to make some listenable music too so i am gonna get in the music portal as well.


2013-04-13 18:05:47 by KurtisPrefect

I am back after 2 years with new uploads


2012-03-04 08:36:21 by KurtisPrefect

I had a dream. No not a racial unity one, just a regular one, frikkin flying and stuff like that. Stupid stuff and normaly i would not talk about but it's just that i had i really long time to see a dream that i would remember in the morning and i had forgotten how awesome it is.

The time passes

2011-05-25 14:12:39 by KurtisPrefect

I m passing my evenings with my hookah or argile as we call it and some nice greek(or turkish or egyptian or whatever you guys call it) coffee. And my nights with some tsipouro and hanging around with some friends. In the nights my thoughts are dominated by my love that she doesnt know that i love her. I hope she ll find out some day. But anyways, i am pretty happy.

Music hates me

2011-04-03 08:48:04 by KurtisPrefect

No really. Music does hate me, when i get stuck with a band i get influenced by them in a ridiculous level. I was a cynical bastard and a band tuned me into a disgusting being with emotions and morals. And the worst part, it made me fall in fuckin love. Me. That i swore that i would never do that stupid thing. But when one art form destroys you another one is making you better. Drawing and Westerns are helping me to get back to my sexist old bastard of a self and not be a miserable wuss anymore.

Music hates me

Cherry Poped

2011-03-10 01:03:52 by KurtisPrefect

I lost ma virginity to photoshop. Now thats what i am talking about!

New Day

2011-03-04 06:52:15 by KurtisPrefect

Guess who is learning to colour in photoshop?
That 's who